About us

Our company policy is to provide a service that meets the specific needs of each individual client.

Whether this is receiving and entering sales and expense invoices, bank reconciliations, payroll including year-end returns, VAT, statutory annual accounts, and self-assessments.

Who we are . . .

Simply put we are qualified accountants with over 15 year’s experience. We have always strived in that time to deliver one goal – providing quality service for quality clients.

What we do . . .

If you were to put this question to our clients – to see why they chose us – you would hear a variety of reasons, from our ability to deliver on time, a keen eye for detail, and helping our clients make the best decisions for their businesses.


Unlike some accountancy firms we agree our fees at the outset of being appointed, based on the information and requirements of the client. Any variation to this will be dependant only if there are any substantial changes and these will be agreed with the client prior to completing additional work. At the end of each year there will not be any hidden charges added to our fees.

We do offer the option to pay fees by monthly Standing Order.